Perception-Action Integrated Humanoid Robot : H6 & H7

Human-shaped robots are well-suited for operating within environments designed for real humans.  In order to provide an experimental research platform for full-body integrated sensing and control, the prototype Humanoid Robot "H6" and "H7" are currently being developed at the JSK Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. 

Major Research Topics:

  • Design and Implmentation of Intelligent Robot Software with Realtime Operation System
  • Dynamic Walking Pattern Generation, Online Walking Pattern Generation
  • Onbody 3D Vision, 3D Depth Flow, 3D Plane Segment Finding, 3D Modeling and Matching
  • Graphical Simulation and Motion Planning.
  • Publications:

  • International Conference Papers
  • Regional Conference Papers(Mostly Written in Japanese)
  • H6 Specifications:

    Construction of the first prototype was completed in June 2000 by Aircraft and Mechanical Systems Division of Kawada Industries, Inc.   The height of the robot is 1370mm, the width is 590mm, and the mass is 55kg including 4kg of batteries.  The robot has a total of 35 degrees of freedom (DOF):  6 for each leg, 1 for each foot (toe joint), 7 for each arm, 1 for each gripper, 2 for the neck, and 3 for the eyes.  All major joints are driven by DC motors and Harmonic drive gears.  An onboard PC equipped with dual PentiumIII-750MHz processors running RT-Linux is used for real-time servo and balance compensation, as well as coordinating high-level 3D vision and motion planning component software modules.  The system is connected to the network via wireless ethernet.  Thus, the robot is fully self-contained (it can be operated without any external cables). 


    Movie Clips:

  • Download H6 experiment scene mpeg file (19MBytes!)
  • Download H7 experiment scene mpeg file (18MBytes!)

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