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Since 1996 Nov. 5 th

Self Introduction

My Name is Huzii Singo.



I am looking for ...

If you have any information about under thing, Please let me know.

Scuba Diving

I have AOW C card of DACS (Diving Asociation of Central Sports).

I often go to Bouso-hantou, Izusiti-tou, and Izu-hantou for diving. And I have been to Yoron-tou and Okinawa once.

But I dived only 51 tanks. I have no dive computer and no heavy apparatus.

Inline Hockey & Inline Skate

I belong to NP Dolphins the team of Inline Hockey. And I am DF. NP Dolphins belongs to TIHL(Tokyo Inline Hockey League).


I ride BROS (Product 2) (producted by Honda).

What is Professor Cube

You know Rubic's Cube? Yes, the 3 times 3 times 3 cube puzzle. Rubic's Cube Revenge is 4 times 4 times 4. And Rubic's Cube Professor is 5 times 5 times 5.(But I have never seen it.)

I was pleased that I could master Revenge Cube. And I heard the existence of Professor Cube. I was eager to do it, and searched. But I couldn't find it.

So if you can tell me how to get it, please let me know.

Huzii, Singo (huzii@jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp)