* last updated 2019/04/01

Noda, Shintaro (in Japanese, 野田, 晋太朗)

2018.03-Present Project Assistant (University of Tokyo)
2015.04-2018.03 JSPS Research Fellow DC1
2013.04-2018.03 Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology (University of Tokyo)
2009.04-2013.03 B.S. in Mechano-Informatics (Univeresity of Tokyo)

Place: #602, Faculty of Engineering Building 8, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8656, Japan (JSK Lab)
Email: s-noda at jsk.imi.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp , github: s-noda , Twitter: @n0dananoda

DBLP, Google Scholar

Favorite works:
Bipedal Walking with Passive Joint
A robot
[C7] S. Noda et al.: "Semi-Passive Walk and Active Walk by One Bipedal Robot" Humanoids 2018, pp.1025-1031 [DOI]
[C6] 野田ほか: "準受動歩行と能動歩行が一台で可能なロボット開発と制御" RSJ 2018, 1J1-04

Complex-contact Motion and Balancing
A robot
[C5] S. Noda et al.: "Goal-oriented simulation-based motion interpolator for complex contact transition: Experiments on knee-contact behavior" Humanoids 2018, pp.761-767 [DOI]
[J1] 野田ほか: "複数の接触遷移方式を統合する全身行動計画法とヒューマノイドの滑り接触遷移行動への応用" JRSJ 2017, Vol.35, No.5, pp.393-402 [DOI]
[C4] S. Noda et al.: "Redundancy Embedding for Search Space Reduction using Deep Auto-Encoder: Application to Collision-Free Posture Generation" IROS 2016, pp.3698-3705 [DOI] [PDF] [Program] IEEE RAS-JJC Young Award
[C3] S. Noda et al.: "Contact involving whole-body behavior generation based on contact transition strategies switching" IROS 2015, pp.2787-2794 [DOI] [PDF] [Program]
[C2] S. Noda et al.: "Online Maintaining Behavior of High-Load and Unstable Postures Based on Whole-Body Load Balancing Strategy with Thermal Prediction" CASE 2014, pp.1166-1171 [DOI] [PDF]
[C1] S. Noda et al.: "Generating whole-body motion keep away from joint torque, contact force, contact moment limitations enabling steep climbing with a real humanoid robot" ICRA 2014, pp.1775-1781 [DOI] [PDF] [Movie]