Saika Project

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Last update on 2nd Oct., 1997

Project Abstract

A light-weight, human-size and low-cost developing humanoid robot is developed [1]. The humanoid robot is named Saika (``outstanding intelligence'' in Japanese). The developed humanoid robot Saika has a two-DOF neck, dual five-DOF upper arms, a torso and a head. Several types of hands and forearms are developed. They are chosen depending upon the tasks to perform.

The features of Saika are:

  1. Saika is modularized to reduce the developing cost and to make maintenance easy,
  2. the total weight of the head, the neck, the two upper arms and the torso is only eight kilograms and
  3. most of the motors are installed inside the arms and the torso.
Three kinds of skillful manipulations are studied as examples of behavior-based movement control:

  1. hitting a bounding ball [2,5],
  2. grasping unknown objects by groping [3,5,6] and
  3. catching a thrown ball [4,5,7].

Project Member

Hirochika InoueProfessor
Masayuki InabaAssociate Professor
Atsushi KonnoResearch Associate
Koichi NagashimaPhD candidate
Kentaro Kayama Graduate student
Takahide Yoshiike Graduate student
Takuro NodaGraduate student
Koichi NishiwakiGraduate student
Ryosuke KageyamaGraduate student
Hideko YamamotoUndergraduate student


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[3] Mitsunori Tada
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[4] Koichi Nishiwaki
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