-JSK- Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory, Dept. of Mechano Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo.

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About the Johou Systems Kougaku (JSK) Laboratory

The faculty and students at our laboratory are also affiliated with the following divisons:
JSK's research tackles topics including artificial intelligence, cognitive science, large-scale adaptation, life-form systems, and cybertechnology, to work towards making the functions and systems necessary for artificially-intelligent robots that can act within the space of human society. For more information on our specific research topics, please visit the Research page.

Access Map for JSK

JSK Robotics laboratory, Dept. of Mechano-Informatics
Address Rm.73A1,73A2,73A3,73A4,73B1,73B2, 7th floor of Faculty of Engineering Building No. 2, Hongo Campus,
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 113-8656
TEL 3-5841-7416
FAX 3-3818-0835
From the Todaimae Station...

Exit from the exit #1 in Todaimae Station.

Enter from the main gate and turn left at the 1st corner.
Then, go down a little and turn right at the next corner.
On your left, you will see the Starbucks Coffee store in the building.
Keep going straight until reaching behind the building on your left.
Behind the building, you will see our the Engineering Building #2.
Enter to the building and take the elevator to the 7th floor.

For more details, refer to the full-sized maps in the following pages.
Click here for Access Map to the Lab in the Hongo Campus.
Click here for Access Route to the Hongo Campus.