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Illustrated Reference Book of Quadruped Robots

last updated on 30th May 1997


Chuuta is little bigger than Chibita (another 4 leged remote brained robot).
Chuuta has a ultra-sonic range finder and radio transmitter, which is used to transmit a sensor information.
So without an exclusive vision precessing hardware, We can simply program its action with the range finder.
The torque of the RC servo on the leg is about 2kgfcm.

Masayuki Inaba, Tatsuo Ninomiya, Kiwa Nishimura, Satoshi Kagami, and Hirochika Inoue.
4-legged robots based on the remote-brained approach for adaptive behavior research.
In Proc. 12th Annual Conference of Robotcs Society of Japan, pp. 1223-1224, 1994.

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