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Illustrated Reference Book of Humanoid Robots


Haru series were made under HARU PROJECT in 1996.
In this project, 4 same robots were designed and then build.
Each robot is 423mm tall, weighs about 3.5kg, and has 22 D.O.F.
RC servos (made by Futaba corp.) are used for the actuator and those are controlled by radio from remote computer.
CCD camera is mounted as eyes. The view images are transmitted by BS transmitter and remote computer can process them.
They can now walk statically, carry light objects and work cooperatively.


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14{{bgwwpu\eW, pp. 349-350, 1996.

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14{{bgwwpu\eW, pp. 351-352, 1996.

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14{{bgwwpu\eW, pp. 359-360, 1996.

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