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Illustrated Reference Book of Quadruped Robots

last updated on 30th May 1997

TAMA (Ball-Boy)

Pictures of TAMA (catching a ball)
leg :3 x 4 = 12
head :pan(1),tilt(1),gripper(2)=4
SensorCCD camera
Speed53 cm/sec
Size [mm] (w,h,l)
500 x 230 x 250 (moving)
270 x 230 x 200 (rest)

  • Koji Takeda, Masayuki Inaba, and Hirochika Inoue.
    A study on visually guided behaviors of remote-brained ``ball-boy'' robot.
    In Proc. JSME Annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics(ROBOMEC '94), pp. 77-80, 1994.

  • Koji Takeda, Tetsushi Oka, Masayuki Inaba, and Hirochika Inoue.
    A study on a ``ball-boy'' robot's behavior using a reactive brain system.
    In Proc. 12th Annual Conference of Robotcs Society of Japan, pp. 1225-1226, 1994.

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