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[1] Moju Zhao, Koji Kawasaki, Tomoki Anzai, Xiangyu Chen, Shintaro Noda, Fan Shi, Kei Okada, Masayuki Inaba:
Transformable multirotor with two-dimensional multilinks: Modeling, control, and whole-body aerial manipulation,
The International Journal of Robotics Research, Vol.37, No.9, pp.1085-1112, 2018.
[2] M. Zhao, T. Anzai, F. Shi, X. Chen, K. Okada, M. Inaba:
Design, Modeling, and Control of an Aerial Robot DRAGON: A Dual-Rotor-Embedded Multilink Robot With the Ability of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Aerial Transformation,
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Vol.3, No.2, pp.1176-1183, 2018.
[3] Kento Kawaharazuka, Shogo Makino, Masaya Kawamura, Yuki Asano, Kei Okada, Masayuki Inaba:
Online Learning of Joint-Muscle Mapping Using Vision in Tendon-Driven Musculoskeletal Humanoids,
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Vol.3, No.2, pp.772-779, 2018.
[4] Krishneel Chaudhary, Kentaro Wada, Xiangyu Chen, Kohei Kimura, Kei Okada, Masayuki Inaba:
Learning to Segment Generic Handheld Objects Using Class-Agnostic Deep Comparison and Segmentation Network,
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Vol.3, No.4, pp.3844-3851, 2018.
[5] Kohei Kimura, Hiroto Mizohana, Shunichi Nozawa, Kei Okada, Masayuki Inaba:
Speed governing behavior on parallel two-wheeled electric scooter by life-sized humanoid robot based on learning control with online tuning for PID gain during control,
Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol.84, No.864, pp.18-00032, 2018.