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[1] Mamoru Mitsuishi, Yotaro Hatamura, Takaaki Nagao, Hirochika Inoue:
Development of a User Friendly Manufacturing System,
in Proceedings of International Conference MSET-21, pp.1-6, 1990.
[2] Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Hirochika Inoue, Masayuki Inaba:
Design and Implementation of a System that Generates Assembly Programs from Visual Recognition of Human Action Sequences,
in Proceedings of International Workshop on Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS'90, pp.567--574, 1990.
[3] Hitoshi Iba, Hirochika Inoue:
GREW: Geometric Reasoning System based on Algebraic Method,
in Proc. of PRICAI '90, pp.496--501, 1990.