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Hand-Centered Full-Body Movement Control System
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Research summary:

Until now, humanoid robot movement creation has been mostly about creating specific motions. However, in order to create quick, intelligent behaviors, it is essential to have several elements operate simultaneously. To achieve this, we need a full-body robot that can fulfill multiple goals simultaneously.

On the other hand, often separate parts of a robot have to interact simultaneously - for example, when a robot's arm has to adjust for the hand performing a task. For this, we need an interface that can fully manage a robot's entire body's degrees of freedom.

At our laboratory, we conduct research on having the robot able to use its hand while walking, specifically, being able to automatically adjust the position of his hand as its body position changes, using our proposed "Hand-Centered Full-Body Movement Control System". In order to create a humanoid robot that can intelligently navigate the real world, environment recognition based on vision and movement planning functions are essential.

Hand-Centered Full-Body Movement Control System
  • Picking up an object while walking [mpg]
  • Walking in direction of force on its hand [mpg]
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