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Integrated Sensing and Moving Robot Platform: H7

For five years since 1996, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research for the Future Program "Research on Micro and Soft-mechanics Integration for Bio-mimetic Machines" (Project Leader Hirochika Inoue, currently Advisor at the Digital Human Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) has supported this project to complete the integrated sensing and moving robot H7.

At our laboratory, we have been conducting life-sized integrated sensing and moving humanoid platform research (Humanoid Autonomous Robot Platform: HARP) since 1991, and the H7 is our seventh humanoid robot. It has a high power dual processor, a seven degree of freedom arm, toe joints, powerful hands, online walking control, hand-centered movement control, ladder climbing functions, and many other abilities.

  • Research Topics
  1. Humanoid Robot H7's Body Structure
  2. Online Walking Trajectory Creation
  3. Motion Planning
  4. Hand-Centered Full-Body Movement Control System
  5. Glove-Controlled Interface
  6. Transversing Narrow Spaces
  7. Whole Body Motion and Sensation Integration
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