-JSK- Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory, Dept. of Mechano Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo.

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Outdoor experiment of manipulation

We have executed a demonstration out of doors at "Mochi Pounding Festival for children" in early December 2004. We manipulated HRP-2W by Game-pad and out demonstration acquired a favorable reputation.

On-sight experiment of trash separation

We have attached a tray on HRP-2W and demonstrated trash separation on it. By using image recognition, HRP-2W can recognize the position of items on tray and that of trash box, tell petbottles and cans apart, and cast out items. Owing to force sensor, he can also tell whether petbottles or cans are empty or not. Besides his motion would be limited for safety if there are human around him.

  • Outdoor experiment of manipulation[mpg]
  • On-sight experiment of trash separation[mpg]