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HRP-2W Research Group


Our group aim for expansion of humanoid's intelligence by use of the experiences obtained through interaction between human and humanoids. As the platform of our research, we developed "HRP-2W", whose upper body is a humanoid and whose lower body has wheels. By virtue of wheels, we can concentrate on the research of humanoid's intelligence except balancing from consideration.

HRP-2W's upper body is almost the same as HRP-2 made by Kawada Industries, Inc. It has two DOFs for neck, seven per arm, two for waist, and total DOF is twenty. There are binocular color camera for stereo vision and stereo microphones for speech dialogue and sound source localization on its head. Force sensors for six axes are also furnished on its both hands to realize behaviors which need interaction against external world.

Its lower body utilize electric wheelchair made by Inavacare, Inc. Not only planar move with wheels, but also vertical move is able. By moving the basis in a vertical direction, we can change the height of HRP-2W from 141 cm up to 171 cm. Laser Range Finder made by SICK, Inc. is also place on the wheelchair for obstacle avoidance, SLAM, and so on.

Behavior Induction using HMM
SLAM with Vision and LRF
Make a sound and Recognize the real world
Autonomy and Manipulation
Online Behavior Teaching & Learning by Motion Capturing System
Movie Library
Integrative control of dialogues and behaviors based on stochastic environment model
Pointing Gesture Recogition for Onsite Teaching

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