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Make a sound and Recognize the real world
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Research Abstract

For humanoids, it is one of important aspects that they recognize daily sounds like us.

Humanoids can actually act in the real world; that is they can pick up an object right in front of their eyes and tap it, so they can make a sound with an actual thing. This is one of features of humanoids. Nowadays, we succeeded to separate trash (aluminium cans, steel cans, plastic bottles) by using HRP-2W to tap an object and to recognize sounds from it.

  • Trash Separation by HRP-2W Making A Sound[mpg]
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  • 杉山悠, 吉海智晃, 岡田慧, 稲邑哲也, 稲葉雅幸:"生活音の認識と音源定位によるヒューマノイドの動作計画のための日常生活環境推定", 第23回日本ロボット学会学術講演会予稿集, pp.3C33, 2005.