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Online Teaching and Learning of Behavior Using Wearable Motion Capture System
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Research Abstract

In order for humanoids to imitate human's behavior, it is important to extract a needful parameter for target of imitation. Especially in daily-life environment, only simple joint angles are insufficient because position and posture of hands and remarkable point of target object are needed for intent imitation. We are now developing usable methods of motion capturing system with interactive teaching of task attention, and treating complex behaviors in daily-life environments.

  • Teaching by Motion Capture System[mpg]
  • Modifying Motion by Robot[mpg]
  • Tetsunari Inamura, Naoki Kojo, Tomoyuki Sonoda, Kazuyuki Sakamoto, Kei Okada and Masayuki Inaba: "Intent Imitation using Wearable Motion Capturing System with On-line Teaching of Task Attention," International Conference on Humanoid Robots, 2005. (accepted)